zafro ice makers

Please your guests with the refreshing drinks with the unlimited supply of ice that the Zafro ice makers give. With such affordable prices and easiness to use, these are a great deal.

The catalog of the zafro countertop ice maker machines

the best zafro countertop ice maker on sale

ZAFRO Ice Maker Countertop 2 Sizes Ice Machine, 8 Bullet Ice 9 Mins, 26.5lbs/24H, Portable Ice Maker with Self-Cleaning,Handle and Basket,Black
  • [Compact & Portable design]ZAFRO 2023 New ice maker. Adopting a more concise and compact exterior design, while also adding an easy to move handle. You can move the ice maker more easily in spaces…
  • [Fast & Intelligent Ice Maker] Countertop ice maker can produce up to 8 ice cubes in 9 mins, producing 26.5 pounds of ice per day. Although we have limited the size of the ice maker, we have also kept…