NewAir ice makers

Smart hosts choose the NewAir ice makers because they give them an always-accessible ice supply at a great price. Add that freshness touch to your gatherings with ice on demand.

The full catalog of NewAir portable ice makers on sale

The best newair countertop ice maker

NewAir Portable Ice Maker 50 lb. Daily, 12 Cubes in Under 7 Minutes – Compact Countertop Design – 3 Size Bullet Shaped Ice – for Kitchen/Office/RV/Bar – Stainless Steel – AI-215SS
  • [COMPACT AND POWERFUL] – Our portable ice maker is small and compact and makes the first batch of ice in a little under 10 minutes and up to 50 pounds of ice a day in 3 different sizes, perfect for…
  • [3 ICE SIZES] – Create different sizes of ice with the portable ice maker as it can produce three different sizes of ice based on your choice small, medium, or large letting you decide the size of ice…

Advantages of having a newair portable ice machine

Reliable: You got all you need for that special family reunion and right when there is no time to do anything else there is no more ice. Forget about this nightmare with your own NewAir ice machine which will give you the ice you need when you need it.

Efficient: Some of these machines can give you up to 50 pounds of ice per day which means they produce ice fast and without spending more. Just add water to the unit and in a few minutes you’ll start seeing lots of ice getting formed right before your eyes.

Cost-effective: At first these ice machines may seem a bit pricey, but when you compare their price with what you pay for ice bags all year long, plus the need to get out of your house to get your ice, these machines make a lot of sense.

Silent operation: Your fridge is more noisy than these machines. Rest assured your guests won’t notice you have a full ice production operation running in your kitchen while everybody is having fun.

Good looking: NewAir really pays attention to the aesthetics of their ice machines and that is why these look fantastic, so they really add a modern touch to your kitchen or any room you place these on.


can I put one of these in my office?

Sure. These machines are pretty silent so you can have them operating while you host a meeting or a business reunion.

Do these have self-cleaning mode?

Sure. NewAir ice makers will indicate when it is time to activate the self-cleaning function of the unit so you always have the highest quality ice in your drinks.