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Transform any hot summer day into a refreshing breeze with your personal ice supply from the Magic Chef ice makers. These are affordable and produce lots of ice and that is why people prefer them.

The magic chef portable ice makers on sale

the best magic chef countertop ice maker

advantages of the magic chef tabletop ice makers

Silent operation: These ice makers don’t make any noise while producing ice. Your regular fridge is louder, so you can have an idea of how silent these are.

Affordable: The average price of the Magic Chef countertop ice maker machines is about 150 USD. This may seem expensive at first, but if you compare this amount to what you spend yearly in ice bags, the investment makes a lot of sense.

Compact Design: Another good thing about these is that they are designed to use as little space as possible, so they can fit virtually anywhere.

Fast production of ice: The best part is you have ice ready in as little as 6 to 7 minutes so you and your invitees won’t have to wait to chill your drinks.

Unlimited ice supply: These ice machines keep producing ice as long as they have water available in their reservoir. You’ll get 24 pounds of ice on a single day, which is equivalent to 3 average bags of ice.


Do these go plugged to a water line?

No. These ice machines have a water reservoir inside the unit where they get the water from to make ice. If the ice is not used, then they melt and the water goes back to the water reservoir.

Should I consider any special maintenance for these?

Other than cleaning and descaling, no. These ice makers come with a self cleaning cycle that will help you have high quality ice all the time.