luma comfort clear ice cube makers

There is no excuse to not chill your drinks with that refreshing touch that a solid ice cube from the Luma comfort clear ice cube makers can give. Being compact and affordable you can’t miss these.

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Luma Comfort Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine | First Cubes In 15 Minutes, 28 lbs. of Ice in 24 Hours | Countertop Portable Design in Stainless Steel – IM200SS
  • [MAKE CLEAR ICE THE EASY WAY] – Home mixologists, meet your new best friend. This innovative ice maker makes clear ice cubes when water cascades over a super-cooled ice tray to freeze ice layer by…
  • [THE CLEAR CHOICE] – Clear ice makes a big difference in the quality of your drinks. It melts more slowly so you don’t water down high-quality scotch or tequila. Clear ice cubes also generate less…