hicozy nugget ice makers

With its elegant design, the Hicozy nugget ice makers will transform your kitchen and your drinks. Their efficiency and price make them a great deal.

The catalog of the hicozy countertop nugget ice makers

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HiCOZY Nugget Ice Makers Countertop, Compact Crushed Ice Maker, Produce Ice in 5 Mins, 55LB Per Day, Self-Cleaning and Automatic Water Refill, Suitable for Home, Office (Black)
  • Quicool Technology, Fast Ice Making: HiCOZY uses a highly-efficient compressor that starts producing ice in just 5 minutes, the ice maker produces 55lb per day (Total output may vary depending on the…
  • More Efficient & Eco-Friendly: Unlike other ice makers that run in cycles wasting energy and aging the internals, HiCOZY stops working when ice is filled to extend its service life and save your bill…