gevi ice makers

Unleash the freshness of a sunny day by adding ice to your drinks from the Gevi ice makers. People love these because they produce lots of ice and have it ready fast to help you enjoy hot days.

gevi household nugget ice makers on sale

the best gevi countertop nugget ice maker

Gevi Household Countertop Ice Maker Machine, 2 Ice Sizes Optional, 9 Pcs in 6-8 Mins, 26Lbs/Day, Self Cleaning, Portable Compact Mini Icemaker with Ice Scoop and Basket for Home Party Kitchen (White)
  • 【💯Compact Design For Wide Applicability】 Size of 13*9*11.4 inch, weighing 7.7kg/17Lbs, this Portable Countertop Ice Maker Machine is easy to carry and operate, perfectly fit in with multiple…
  • 【🧊Large Ice Producing Capacity】 Makes 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes per cycle which takes 6-8 mins only. 26Lbs/24hours max producing capacity can easily meet a family’s daily need. Smaller in size…

Pros of having a Gevi portable ice maker machine

Compact design: Since these portable ice maker machines from Gevi have a compact design you can fit them virtually anywhere and they are perfect to be either at your office or in the kitchen.

Silent operation: Do not fear the noise of ice production. These ice machines are silent and make ice without any disturbing sound.

Lots of ice on demand: You’ll have an average of 26 lbs of ice produced per day. This is a bit more than the amount of ice in 3 regular size of ice bags.

Self cleaning cycle: When the time is right, the machine will tell you it needs cleaning so it can keep producing the highest quality ice.

Great looking design: Gevi thinks about the aesthetic of your house or office and that is why these countertop ice makers look great wherever you put them.


Do these need to be connected to the water line?

No. Their integrated water reservoir allows them to have water available to produce ice without complicated connections to water lines.

What maintenance other than cleaning do these need?

Nothing special. Just the cleaning and that’s it.