dreamiracle ice makers

The hot days don’t give a break and that is why you need an affordable and reliable supply of ice, and the Dreamiracle ice makers are the perfect choice for this.

The list of dreamiracle ice maker machines for countertop on Sale

the best dreamiracle ice maker machine

Dreamiracle Ice Maker Machine Countertop Self-Cleaning, 33lbs/24h, Two-Size Bullet Ice Cubes, 2.8L Water Tank, 9 Cubes/Batch
  • 【 FAST ICE MAKING COMPRESSOR 】: Dreamiracle ice makers adopt the powerful compressor with 26g eco-friendly R600a refrigerant, plus 3-layer thickened foaming anti-melt body shell materials…
  • 【 33 POUNDS OF ICE PER DAY 】 : A high heat conduction evaporator makes the Dreamiracle ice maker refrigeration system stable and efficient, just 7 minutes to get 9 pcs chewable, bullet-shaped ice…

Pros about dreamiracle ice machines

Fast ice production: You’ll have ice available in as little as 7 minutes. And in one day you can get over 30 pounds of ice, which is a lot more than the content of 3 bags of ice.

Compact design: The Dreamiracle ice makers fit almost anywhere because they are made to produce lots of ice without taking too much space from your countertop.

Smart investment: The price of these units may seem high at first, but when compare it to the cost of purchasing bags of ice and the need to get out of home to get it, these really make a lot of sense and the price seems more than convenient.

Self-cleaning cycle: These ice making machines from Dreamiracle come with a self-cleaning function that indicates you when is time to clean the machine’s pipes. This is done automatically and you just need to discard the cleaning solution before resuming the ice production.

No water line connection needed: Forget about complex connections to water lines to produce ice. These machines come with a convenient water reservoir that you fill manually and that is it.


do these produce different size of ice?

Yes. The Dreamiracle ice makers give you ice in 2 different sizes.

Any special maintenance they need?

No. Other than the cleaning, that is all these units need.