Costway ice makers

Add the freshness your party needs with your own supply of ice. The Costway ice makers are compact and reliable and come at a great price.

The Costway portable Ice makers on sale

The best Costway countertop Ice maker

COSTWAY 2 in 1 Countertop Ice Maker Built-in Water Dispenser, 48LBS per Day, S/M/L Size Ice Cube, 5LBS Ice Storage Basket, Fast 6 Mins, Stainless Steel Ice Machine with Extendable Chilled Water Spout
  • 🧊➕💦[2-in-1 Ice Maker and Water Dispenser] This 2 in 1 ice maker machine is equipped with extendable water spout, which can meet a variety of ice making needs and water cooling. It is…
  • 🧊➕💦[Generous Ice Production] Our countertop ice maker has a fast ice-making cycle that can last 6-10 mins. It guarantees a generous 48 LBS of fresh ice cubes each day. Melted ice can be…

Advantages of having a Costway counter top ice maker machines

Compact: This help them fit anywhere in your kitchen or your office. These countertop ice machines don’t take much space and produce lots of ice.

Efficient ice production: Have ice ready in just minutes with your Costway ice maker machine. Your guests will be delighted with fresh drinks all the time.

Self-cleaning mode: When the time comes, the ice producing machine will tell you to activate the self-cleaning mode so you have high quality ice all the time.

Great price: Some of these machines come with a price tag of less than 100 USD. Yet even if they are over 200 USD, when you compare the costs of purchasing ice bags all year long, with the price of these machines, the investment makes a lot of sense.

Ultra portable: Don’t let heat change your day. Take your ice maker machine with you anywhere you want. The Costway ice makers are compact and lightweight so you can literally take them with you anywhere you go.


Do these come with a scoop?

Yes. Most Costway models come with a scoop so you can easily take the ice you need.

Do these go connected to a water line?

Most of these don’t connect to a water line since they have a water reservoir to get the water from there. However, some more commercial models for mass ice production have this capacity.