avanti portable ice makers

Get a cold drink without having to go for ice with one of the affordable and compact Avanti portable ice makers. People prefer them because the also product lots of ice.

The Catalog of the avanti ice makers on sale

the best avanti countertop ice maker

Avanti Ice Maker Portable Countertop Design Makes 25 Pounds of Ice Cubes in 24 Hours, Self Cleaning, Includes Scoop, Black
  • 25 POUND ICE CAPACITY: Produces 25 lbs of ice in 24 hours
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Fits perfectly on any countertop and is easily portable for use at home or any event

Pros of having an avanti ice machine

Compact design: These ice maker machines from Avanti are made to produce lots of ice while saving space on your counter, so don’t worry because these fit mostly everywhere.

Silent operation: Feel confident of placing one of these in your office without having to worry about being disturbed by any noise.

Affordable: With ice machines that go for less than 100 USD, Avanti has some of the most affordable models in the industry. A real bargain if you ask.

Self-cleaning cycle: When the time is right the machine will tell you to activate the self-cleaning cycle to ensure you have ice of the highest quality. The ice maker will clean its pipes by itself and you just have to dispose of the residues of the cleaning solution.

Fast ice production: You’ll have ice out of the machine in as little as 7 minutes.


Do these need a side tank to operate?

No. The water goes into the reservoir, which is integrated to the unit and that is it.

Do I need to connect the unit to the water line?

No. The countertop ice makes from Avanti do not need a connection to the water line. You simply pour water into the unit and let it do the rest.