Everything About Countertop Ice Makers to Have Cool Drinks All the Time

If you’re like most people, you probably take ice for granted. It’s easy to forget about something that’s always readily available, especially when it comes to something as mundane as refrigerator ice. 

Ice maker storage
A countertop ice maker will give you fresh air in minutes.

However, if you’ve ever run out of ice and had to go through the trouble of raiding your freezer for a tray or two, then you know how important it is to have a good supply of fresh ice on hand. 

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about countertop ice makers, from their benefits to the different types available on the market. We’ll also recommend some of the best models currently available so that you can find the perfect one for your needs!

Countertop Ice Makers detailed reviews

What are the best countertop Ice Makers?

What to Look for When Buying A Countertop Ice Maker

Here are some key considerations that you need to know before buying a countertop ice maker:

Countertop Space required

Consider how much counter space you have available before purchasing a countertop ice maker. If you plan to use it frequently, be sure you have enough counter space. 

If you have a small kitchen, search for a machine less than 13 or 14 inches on its longest side. Choose a larger machine if you have more counter space because it will generate more ice.

Is it loud?

If your ice maker is going to be on all the time, you’ll enjoy a quiet machine that doesn’t hum or clink all the time. Look for one with a noise level fewer than 40 decibels, roughly the same as that of a library.

How many ice pounds per day

On average, most household ice makers create 26 pounds of ice in a day. This should suffice for households of 4 to 6 people. Larger households or offices may benefit from a machine that produces 30 pounds or more ice each day.

Care and Maintenance

Countertop ice maker models
Be sure to clean and maintain your ice maker for a longer lifetime and fresh ice.

When cleaning most countertop ice makers, there are a few basic measures to follow. 

  1. Drain and unplug the appliance: Unplugging the power source is the first step in cleaning any electrical gadget. The ice maker should then be drained using a bucket or the kitchen sink. Replace the drain cap once it is empty.
  2. Add a cleaning solution and water: It’s advisable to use a commercially available ice maker cleaning solution for the best results. It will be more thorough than the choices available in the home.
  3. Wash unit interior and basket: Wash the basket you took out earlier with soapy water. Scrub the inside surfaces of the ice maker with a towel to remove the dirt.
  4. Drain the cleaning solution and rinse it: Rinse the interior of the unit with clean, warm water.

Any remaining solution will be sunk into the reservoir in this procedure. After that has been collected, unscrew the drain plug to allow the cleaning solution to drain out of the device completely .

Finally, reinstall the basket and reconnect the machine by screwing the drain plug back in.

How Do Ice Makers Work, and How Fast Can You Have Ice Cubes?

Countertop ice makers are pretty easy to use. Below is a summary of what you’ll need to do, how long it will take, and a bit more about the process it goes through to make ice. 

  1. Pour water into the reservoir from a faucet, bucket, jug, or another source.
  2. Water is pushed up to an ice tray at the top of the unit through a hole in the bottom of the reservoir, through a water filter.
  3. The heat exchanger’s prongs are lowered into the ice tray’s water when the refrigeration cycle starts. 
  4. Small ice takes roughly 6 minutes to freeze, though freezing times might vary depending on the temperature.
  5. The ice tray dumps any residual water back into the water reservoir once the ice has reached the required size. The heat exchanger reverses itself at the same time.

Benefits of having a Countertop Ice Maker

Following are some benefits of countertop ice makers.

Ice in minutes
A portable ice maker machine is a pretty convenient appliance.

You have a Portable Ice Maker Machine 

It’s a small gadget that fits on a countertop and doesn’t take up a lot of room.

Get Ice in Minutes

In as little as 10 minutes, the average portable ice maker can create ice.

No Water Line Hook-Ups

You won’t have to worry about draining with a portable ice maker or connecting to a water supply. 

Ice Storage Capacity

Portable ice makers create a surprising amount of ice every day for their small size. In 24 hours, the average ice maker can create between 26 and 35 pounds of ice.

Easy to Use

Countertop ice makers are simple to use and safe for both children and the elderly.

How to Use your Portable Ice Maker?

  1. Lift up the front door to access the ice storage compartment. The ice will dispense downwards into this area, where it can be conveniently stored.
  2. Pour water into the reservoir to the indicated fill line, which is about 96 ounces.
  3. Press the start button after selecting your desired ice cube size and enjoy fresh, delicious ice in minutes!

Note: Be sure to thoroughly wipe down the interior of the ice storage compartment before you close the door.

What are the Best Countertop Ice Maker Brands?

The following are some best brands of countertop ice makers.


This is a new name in the industry of ice maker machines, yet their products have been very well accepted among the public. The Silonn ice maker comes in different colors and it does what it says. It is a countertop appliance that is portable and easy to use. Plus, its price is low compared to the other competitors in the market.  

General Electric (GE)

General Electric is a well established name in the appliances industry. You can find anything from air fryers to big appliances like fridges or countertop dishwashers.

The GE Profile Opal ice maker is one of the best selling items on Amazon and people leave solid 5-star reviews because this item does what it says. Make sure to check this and other GE ice maker machines.


Euhomy Ice Makers

A fantastic choice for those looking to Euhomy innovative technologies are aimed at all those who do not want to be satisfied with an ordinary daily life. The brilliant innovations benefiting Euhomy household appliances do not only set new benchmarks in terms of applied technologies. 


newair Ice Makers

Today, their product categories have something for nearly every part of the home. Newair website now offers a wide range of compact appliances, from heating and cooling, to wine and beverage coolers.


AGLUCKY Ice Makers

AGLUCKY currently has some of the most popular countertop ice makers in the market, and they are setting a standard in terms of efficiency and quality. They rival with some of the biggest brands even when their most popular product appeared on Amazon in 2019.


Whynter Ice Makers

Just making your life convenient is not all there is. Being able to bring that comfort with you around the house is also essential. Many of their products are designed around portability and space utilization, allowing you the flexibility of using their products when and where you need them the most.

FAQs about Countertop Ice Makers 

Is there a way to clear out any ice that has built up inside of it?

Yes, you can use a standard kitchen broom to sweep out the excess ice. Alternatively, some models have an automatic clean function that will take care of this for you.

What type of ice do portable ice makers produce?

Most portable ice makers produce what is called bullet ice. Like it sounds, this ice is cylindrical. There are also units that produce impurity-free clear cubed ice, much like the kind typically found in restaurants.

Do I need a special plug or power supply to run my portable ice maker?

Portable ice makers use a standard three-prong plug that must be connected to a 110-120V outlet. A DC adaptor can be used to connect the unit to the power source in your vehicle.

Conclusion: You have to have an Ice Maker at home today!

So there you have it! Everything you need to know about countertop ice makers. Now that you are an expert, go out and buy one for yourself before they run out of stock for the summer! 

They are so convenient. No more filling up pitchers or waiting forever for your ice cube trays to freeze! Just make sure you get one with a water filter if your tap water isn’t great quality. Have fun and enjoy your perfectly chilled drinks all summer long!

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